Enjoy Some Films and Video I Helped Make


THOSE ABANDONED (2007) - Director, screenwriter, actor, editor

Produced as an entry in a national filmmakers competition, Those Abandoned was an exercise in no-budget filmmaking. Using friends and borrowed equipment, the entire film was produced in a few weeks.

The movie tells the story of an America after an event that has left the country empty and diseased. One survivor looks for other survivors. One intention we had for the film was to allow Internet users to generate sequels and spin-offs.

Imaginings (2002) - Director, screenwriter, editor

This was my big student film, produced while I was merely a sophomore in college. Imaginings tells the story of a woman who sees a mysterious child whenever she puts on her red glasses.

Yet another movie made with little to no money by getting together with a bunch of great friends and a goofy idea for a short film. We had some fun making it, as evidenced by the outtake reels during the end credits. Enjoy!

afterword (2000) - Director, animator

While in high school, I participated in the first year of a student film festival with my entry, Afterword. The entire film was animated using a now-obsolete computer from the mid-1990s.

In Afterword, we’re given snippets of fantastical worlds seen through the eyes of a man who’s departing wish granted at death is to see the universe. Once better technology arrived, a higher-resolution version of the film was produced released in 2005.

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