Here’s Some Original Artwork and Design


Paper collages - click on images to see a larger version

Zelda- The Phantom Hourglass

“Anime” Japanese Animation

Nintendo 64 Era Gaming

Macintosh “Digital Lifestyle”

Macintosh Gaming Theme

Jurassic Park Theme

“No Mac is an Island”

Web Design - click on images to see actual website or screenshot if available

“Earthrise” - 1999

ThinkQuest semi-finalist

Artwork_Portfolio_files/KEOL-91.7-FM-La-Grande.jpg - 2006-now

Project manager, artist

KEOL FM - 2002-2004

DJ and webmaster

Oregon Zoo - 2003

Summer web intern

Photography, painting, and cg rendering - click on images to see a larger version

Bryce Scene - Morning

Bryce Scene - Daytime

Bryce Scene - Night

Acrylic painting - Mountainscape

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